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The Wren


The Wren is a corner cage with dimensions of 72 inches tall including its 4 inch legs, 25 inches wide from the back corner to the front edges of the sides. From the back corner to the front face is a distance of 29 inches.

It comes with the following features:

◾A removable wooden divider, making this unit into two living quarters if necessary to separate birds.

◾Two front door panels are covered with Plexiglas.

◾The remainder of panels are made with stainless steel screen.

◾The Slide out drawer is moisture proofed with water based polycrylic from Minwax, then lined with a removable piece of Plexiglas for easy cleaning.

◾Stainless steel covered skylight in the top.

◾Four tapered legs measuring 4 inches tall, making the entire unit 72 inches tall.

◾The inside of the cage is lined with acrylic strips to protect the wood from chewing.

◾Shipping is extra, determined by location.

All of our cages are stained the color of your choice after triple hand sanding.

The cages are shipped unassembled and come with easy to follow instructions.

As with all cages, there can be modifications to suit your needs. Any size and options are available. Contact us for Custom Quotes.

We love new challenges and ideas!

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