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The Parrot


A stunning rectangular display cage measuring 40 inches tall (inside of the cage), 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It is constructed with real oak wood.


There will be 4 inch oak crown molding around the top of the cage, making the total height 45 inches tall.


There will be a stainless steel screen skylight in the top to hang toys and swings, approximately 18 inches by 18 inches square.


The front and back will be all plexiglas panels without any crossbars for optimum vision. The entire front panel is a door to access the interior.


The sides will consist of one top door each. The bottom half will be stationary. The top doors will have 3/16 inch Plexiglas to hold the feeder cups. I will drill 5/16 inch holes to accomodate the feeder cups, location and number to be determined.


There will be a slide out drawer with a removable stainless steel cover.

Shipping is extra, determined by location.


What color do you want your cage stained?

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