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The Lady Gouldian


The Lady Gouldian is a flight cage with dimensions of 40 inches tall, 60 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. It comes with the following features:


◾Galvanized steel screen panels with 10 inch plexiglas seed guard on all panels.


◾Two sets of double doors in the front.


◾Two slide out drawers for easy cleaning.


◾Two skylights in the top.


◾Four tapered legs measuring 20 inches tall, making the entire unit five feet tall.


◾Shipping is extra, determined by location.



All of our cages are stained the color of your choice after triple hand sanding. The slide out drawers are waterproofed with polyurethane.

The cage shown was painted instead of staining and is a 200.00 upgrade.



The cages are shipped unassembled and come with easy to follow instructions.



As with all cages, there can be modifications to suit your needs. Any size and options are available. Contact us for Custom Quotes.



We love new challenges and ideas!


what color stain would you like for your cage?

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