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The Button Quail


Now, a cage designed specifically for Button Quail. Short enough to prevent "Boink" injuries, and 800 square inches of walking space.  

This is a rectangular cage with dimensions of 12 inches tall, 40 inches wide and 20 inches deep. 


You can have this cage with the following options included in the price: 

Panel coverings - All Plexiglas panels around the front, back and sides and 1/4" screen mesh(23 gauge) for the top of the cage. This screen helps cushion the birds if they do jump, not injuring themselves.  

Slide Out Drawer - The drawer opens from the bottom to reveal the cleanout tray that slides out to clean out the mess. As you slide the tray out, the button quail hop out of the tray and stay in the cage. The drawer front then closes down to keep the birds from escaping. When you clean the tray and replace it, the quail hop back into it as you slide it in. Works every time! 

Place on your table or order a matching cabinet- This cage is designed to lay flat on a table, or for 199.00 extra you can have an 18" or 24" tall matching cabinet on casters. Another idea, if you need more room, order another cage to stack on this one, making a beautiful 2 in 1 cage and cabinet. This makes an awesome centerpiece for your bird room. 

Access Doors - This cage as pictured has two doors in the center for easy access. You can choose to have doors on the sides instead of the front if you like. 


This cage is sanded and will be shipped unfinished, ready for paint or stain.

The cages are shipped unassembled and come with easy to follow instructions.

Shipping is extra, determined by location.

As with all cages, there can be modifications to suit your needs. Any size and options are available. Contact us for Custom Quotes. 

We love new challenges and ideas!


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