Affordable Custom Cages

   Not Just Cages, but Beautiful Furniture  

About Us - we love birds and small animals.

Lady Gouldian Finch

Our name says it all. You design a custom cage, and we make it at an affordable price. What you get is a unique home for your bird or pet, and an attractive, hand crafted piece of furniture to accent any d├ęcor.

We have had finches as pets for 30 years and have always built our own cages. The metal cages in the stores usually do not offer enough flight space for birds. They also just look like, well, a cage. Our custom cages are actually pieces of furniture. A beautiful item that looks good in your home while providing plenty of space for your birds or other small animals. A sort of curio cabinet for pets. Not only finches, but parakeets, love birds, canaries, cockatiels, sugar gliders, hamsters, rabbits, mice, lizards etc. would love these as homes.