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You have arrived at Affordable Custom Cages. Here is a place to let your imagination run wild. We all love our pets and love to show them off. Why not in a unique, beautiful custom centerpiece that has all of the features you want in an enclosure? These are truly one of a kind units as they are hand crafted one by one to your specifications.
You can buy bird or small animal cages from designs I have already built or you can design your own for me to create for you. On the product pages you will see the price for that exact cage as shown.  You can also get cage ideas based on other enclosures I have built.
Once we decide on a design and features for your cage, a custom price is also agreed upon. The Deposit Payment is used to put down a 100.00 deposit to hold a construction spot. Since these are truly hand crafted enclosures,  I usually have a few cages on order, so the average time from first contact to delivery of yours is about four to six weeks. After the initial deposit, I will contact you to pay one half of the remaining balance for materials when I am ready to start building. The remaining balance is paid after the cage is finished and I have sent pictures of the finished product. You can choose this method of paying even if you choose a cage I have already listed on this site. You have the option to pay the full amount up front or to pay the deposit only until your cage is ready to build.
Use the Contact Us form to describe your perfect custom cage and I will get a personalized quote to you.
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